LILO Help w/ 2 drives DOS / Linux

LILO Help w/ 2 drives DOS / Linux

Post by Robert Si » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 09:03:37

Okay.  I'm a laYmer for asking this, but I HATE reading documentation....
especially when its as poorly written as the LILO dox.

Anyways, I have 2 IDE drives in my system.  #1 (master) has dos 6.2 installed
on it and IS bootable.  That is the only thing on that drive (partition).

Drive #2 (slave) has Linux v1.0 (Slackware) installed and IS bootable as well
using either LILO or the boot disk.  Problem is, LILO will just zip right on
past DOS and load Linux right on top -- which would be fine...but it makes
it difficult to get to DOS that way (I know, I know..  yech..  but its still
a necessary evil).  I can do a fdisk /mbr and remove LILO and DOS boots
up fineand if I use the boot disk, Linux boots up fine.  Everythings groovy
except I *know* that Lilo supports multiple boots.  Unfortunately the DOX are
like MAJORLY ambiguous when it comes to this.  So instead of hacking around,
I thought I'd throw it at a few thousand people first.

Essentially all I want to know is how do I set up LILO to provide multiple
boots for multiple OSs.


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