SCSI help needed. Thanx.

SCSI help needed. Thanx.

Post by Pat O'Shaughnessey P8 » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 23:05:45

Subject: Re: PAS-16 SCSI retries

Organization: Bell-Northern Research;  Research Triangle Park, NC

>I've had a little trouble installing Slackware 1.2 from the Trans-
>Ameritech CDROM but was finally able to get it installed from floppies.

>The problem I had then and now after it is installed is that after detecting
>the SCSI card and CDROM it says,

>scsi0: reseting for second half of retries

>and then just hangs not continuing on with the boot into Linux.

I am having the same problem with my UltraStor 34F.  After the above
message, I get:

US14F: reset: called.

and the floppy just spins, while the machine hangs.

Thanks for any help


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