df says 'can't read table of mounted filesystems'

df says 'can't read table of mounted filesystems'

Post by David O Edwar » Wed, 08 Dec 1993 10:37:35

I have the SLS release of linux and am having problems with the command df.  It
gives me 'can't read table of mounted filesystems'.  I have a DOS partition on
/dev/hda1 and a linux partition on /dev/hda2 plus the swap partition on
/dev/hda3. I'd like to find out how much space I have on my linux partition.  
Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Benjy Edwards.

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While I was fighting to get the CDROM (Sony CDU76E ATAPI CD) to be mounted
I found in the README file in device dir that the ATAPI CDs connected to the
second IDE interface should be drived by /dev/hdc, when I did and mount gives
this message

mount: iso9660 is not supported bt this kernel.

I installed InfoMagic Slakeware 2.2.1 (March 95 CDs).
While The kernel say it knows about the iso9660. I did

cat  /proc/filesystems

and iso9660 appeared as a block fs.

Before the /cdrom was linked to /dev/hd1a  ( done by the setup) and I was
getting the message

mount: /dev/hd1a is not a block device.

Any Clue.

I'm going to install the 1.2.10 kernel.


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