MAD-16 Sound Card With IDE Sony CDU55E Drive--Installation

MAD-16 Sound Card With IDE Sony CDU55E Drive--Installation

Post by Ray Tillm » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 07:27:17


Sorry to bother you, but I have been trying to get my CD-ROM to be
recognized by Linux 1.0.9 for a couple of days now.  I have a P5-90 from
Quantex with a Caviar 1080 C Drive and a Samsun 213MB disk for Linux. It
took a while to figure out why I could not get the C drive to be
recognized and I thought I had a problem, but resetting the BIOS from
LBA to Normal mode for the disk fixed "MOST" of that problem. Since that
drive is larger than 810MB, Linux does not really like it, but it does

However, the CDROM still is not being recognized. I have gone through
the documentation that I have, talked to my Linux buddies here, and
gotten nowhere, so far. The device is an IDE CD-Rom, attached to a
MAD-16PRO sound card on the IDE port.

MAD16 uses MediaChips 16-Bit Audio Controller, incorporates the "best
features of Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Windows Sound System, Ad
Lib, MPU-401 and more."  That's not an adverti*t, its directly out
of their manual. The sound it produces, however, is really crisp, clear
and much better than the FUSION-CD-16, that I have on our 386SX.

It has a multiple CD-ROM interface that supports Sony, Mitsumi, and
Panasonic drives, as well as IDE CDROM's.

I don't know how much information you need to give we a leg up on fixing
my Linux to recognize the CD Rom and the Sound card, but I'll try to
place the more important information first.

The set up is as follows:
      Device          Port       IRQ        DMA
       SB Pro         220H        5          1
       CD Rom         170H       15         NONE
       WinSound       530H       11          0
       MIDI           330H        9
The board is set up for single mode DMA. The game port is enabled.
The setup program is OPTi82C929 Hardware Setup Version 1.00.009,
copywrigt 1993-4 by Willow Pond Corporation. It is called Audio Hardware
Setup Applet.

The CD-ROM interfaces include Mitsumi LU005/FX001 /FX001D, Panasonic
522/523, 562/563, SONY CDU 31A/33A, IDE CD-ROM Drive and CD Audio in