Need help compiling DOS emulator

Need help compiling DOS emulator

Post by Juan Molina » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 07:02:56

        My version of slackware is only 2-3 months old, and yet the
        source header files do not seem to agree with the DOS-E code.

        I'm pretty lost.

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1. HELP NEEDED: Need DOS emulator for WABI under Solaris

[Please excuse me if I have posted this to the wrong group. I searched
through the list of USENET group that seemed likely to have people
who know about my question. If I have posted to the wrong group, please
do not flame me; rather, just calmly tell me which group this message
should go to.]

I am writing this for a researcher in our research group. We presently
have several SUN SPARC 10's that are running Solaris 2.0 (SYS V)
from SUN. Included in the OS is WABI, a MS Windows emulator.
One of our researchers would like to use WABI to run Windows and
DOS applications from the SPARC. We have got the Windows part running
perfectly fine (following the installation instructions). However,
we do not seem to have a DOS emulator (and the help page
for DOS Emulators says explictly that it is NOT included with WABI).
Therefore, does anyone know of any DOS emulators that can run under
WABI (either commercial or share/free-ware?
Has anyone out there ever run Windows/MSDOS on a SPARC using WABI?
Are there any severe limitations?

NOTE: I realize that I should read the group for several days to get a feel
of the questions being asked (eg. so I can figure out whether I am in the
correct group), but this problem is very urgent, hence the mass-distribution
of my message to several newsgroups (see my disclaimer at start of message).

If you can help me in any way possible, could you please mail me ASAP

a vitally important problem.

PS: Just for the record, I am NOT the sys-admin at this site.

Thanks in advance!
Yours truly,
Jeff Lawrence

Grad Student, Imaging Research Labs, Robarts Research Institute
University Of Western Ontario, P.O. Box 5015, 100 Perth Drive
London, Ont., CANADA, N6A 5K8    (519)663-5777 ext. 4132 (WORK)

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