Spea V7 Mirage P-64 (S3-864) and HS MS 1564LE Monitor

Spea V7 Mirage P-64 (S3-864) and HS MS 1564LE Monitor

Post by Karl Pro » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 16:52:42

I need help to run X on my hardware under linux,

Some technical details for my hardware:

graphic card:

        Spea V7 Mirage P-64
        Processor: S3 Vision864   (64 bit processor)

        Clock: I assume it's programmable but nowhere in the manual
                of my graphic card I can find some technical facts for
                the clock


        Highscreen MS 1564 LE  15''
        Bandwith: 75MHz
        Horizontal Sync: 30-64 KHz
        Vertical Sync:   55-90 Hz

I already fetched and installed


from  ftp.cdrom.com. Before I only got "unknown chipset (chipd=0XC0)",
with the new S3 server X runs at least in a 640x480 resolution mode.
But I don't get X run in higher resolutions.

I set

Clocks  "icd2061a"

I'm not sure whether this is correct for my card, isn't it?

Furthermore does anybody know the magic numbers (ModeDB) I need
for /etc/Xconfig?

For any help I would be very grateful,

        Karl Prott

P.S.: If I get running it I will post the results.


email address:                    | Karl Prott

                                  | Fachbereich 17-Mathematik/Informatik
phone: xx-49-5251-602652          | Warburger Str. 100
fax  : xx-49-5251-603853          | D-33098 Paderborn, Germany


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