Help with Mitsumi FX001D

Help with Mitsumi FX001D

Post by A.Philipps » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 20:55:39

I have an Intel 486DX-33 with two HD connected. No I got myself a
Mitsumi FX001D, but connected it to a second IDE-Card, provided by
Mitsumi. DOS eats this nicely (installs it on Port 0x170 and IRQ 15).
I try to install Linux from a CD I bought, but Linux just refuses to 'see'
the CD-ROM. I have tried various things like 'ramdisk mcd=0x170,15' without
success. Anybody seen this problem and can help ?
(Please don't tell me to get a Mitsumi controller card !! It is Xmas season
and I was lucky to get the f... CD-ROM and IDE-controller)



1. Help with Mitsumi FX001D

Can anyone help me get linux to recognize my mitsume CD-ROM drive?

I would prefer to use polling mode, but if I can't, the only setup I can use
is address 0x340, irq 3, dma 3.  Is this workable?

I cannot figure out how to change where the kernel looks to begin with.  No
matter what I do, it always looks at 0x300, irq 11.  No Good...

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Chris Fowler

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