Dumb Terminal Troubles: Calling TeleVideo Model 950 owners

Dumb Terminal Troubles: Calling TeleVideo Model 950 owners

Post by zachary bro » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 04:47:58

Hello again! I've narrowed my search (thanks Chris!) and would like to hear
from anyone who has gotten a TeleVideo 950 dumb terminal hooked up. In
particular I need termcap entries and any special information needed for
getting the terminal to do meaningful work.

What I have so far:
A bunch of termcap entries, some of which almost work, i.e., I can log in
and see text on the screen, and run programs.

What I don't have and would like:

1) the columns of ls are misaligned (I assume this is farther reaching than
just with that program)

2) while joe will let me move around the screen, I can't move around in the
file. It just ignores arrow key-presses that hit against the edge of the

3) Also, several keys are missing, most notably alt and pgup and pgdn.
Is there any way to emulate them?

4) Also, although the backspace key works, it doesn't erase the characters
it passes over, so if I'm in the shell and make a mistake, I have to live
with it. Even typing over characters I've 'deleted' won't have any effect.
This problem is related to the problem with the cursor being able to
actually roam all over the screen using the arrow keys.

I'm not sure what other problems lurk beyond these ones. Will someone with
experience with this TeleVideo 950's _please_ give me a hand?



1. Need termcap for TeleVideo 950 (tvi950)

I have a user who telnets from an IBM VM/CMS system that
has a hardware protocol converter that looks like a
tvi950. When she enters my system she sees tvi950
terminal not found.  

The PC software has the intelgence to talk to the procol converter
so it displays correctly on  her screen. I just need for linux to
understand how to communicate with the emulated tvi950.

Its there such a definition, and where can I find it??



                              reply via email, please

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