CDROM Problem

CDROM Problem

Post by Kevin Hoffm » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 04:28:14

        I've so far re-built my kernel six times. All of the times
        I have included CONFIG_SBPCD and the iso9660 block filesystem
        support, and the soundblaster and a hundred other things,
        and NO MATTER WHAT I DO - It loads in the Mitsumi (mcd) and
        tries to detect this at bootup. Nothing I do allows or installs
        properly the sbpcd drivers.

        My sbpcd is at 220, and my bootup line is:

        loadlin c:\linux\zImage sbpcd=0x230,SoundBlaster root=/dev/hda1 rw

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                        to the size of the program.


1. CDROM Problem: "mount point /cdrom does not exist"

Could somebody help with the problem in subject line?
Below is what I type and the system's response along with the
root directory which shows that /cdrom does, in fact, exist.
I just installed slackware 2.0.2 with XFree 3.1 on an intel P5-90, PCI
machine with a AHA1542CF scsi interface, a DEC DSP 3160 scsi disk and a Toshiba
XM-3401B CDROM drive. (#9GXE64 and a Nanao monitor).
DOS can see the cdrom. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

bash# mount /dev/sr0 -t iso9660 /cdrom
mount: mount point /cdrom does not exist
bash# ls /
bin         cern        etc         lost+found  root        usr
boot        dev         home        mnt         sbin        var
cdrom       dosc        lib         proc        tmp         vmlinuz

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