Is the ATI ULTRA supported by Linux?

Is the ATI ULTRA supported by Linux?

Post by Salem, Laza » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 23:24:18

I just downloaded the Hardware HOW-TO  (Last updated: August 22, 1994).
I could not find in the list of _Video Cards_ supported by Linux the
one I have:

with 1MB VRAM and a VGA controller w/256kB of VGA memory.
It is based on the Mach 8 processor.

I am in doubt, because although the card is not ecplicitely named, under
XFree86 Accelerated support, i can read
.., ATI Mach8, ...

The question is then:
Is the ATI ULTRA supported?
Has anybody of you the same card and got Linux installed?

Thanks for your help.
Lazaro. :-)


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