Help!How Can I make it see my CDROM

Help!How Can I make it see my CDROM

Post by electec93.. » Tue, 10 Jan 1995 07:05:43

I have the SLS 1.05 distribution.  Finally, with the help of one of the nice
people in the news group I was able to reach and read all the FAQ and HOWTO.
One thing is not mentioned at all.  How can I get it to read my cdrom.  It is
looking for it in many different places but not the right one.
I have NEC 2V CDROM installed on com2, irq 5.
The installation gives me a menue of
sony cdu31a
sony 531/535
Sound Blaster Lasermate
Matsushitai Sound Blaster

I tried ramdisk mcd=0x230,5 or 0x330,5 and also (ofcourse , all the menu
choices) nothing work.
I copied the install directory on the hard drive and I tried to let it install
from the hard drive but it didn't work.  What can I do????
I will appreciate any help .
Thanks to you all

Maamoun Mahdi


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When I insert a Sun-formatted CDROM with many files into my 220 running
Solaris 7, the drive flashes amber a few times and stops, and a new file
manager window opens showing the cdrom icon and its label in the upper
pane.  However, files that are on the cdrom are not visible in the lower
pane: it is empty.

Double clicking the icon produces the message 'cdrom is open.'  In
terminal mode, the cdrom drive does not appear in the 'df -k' display
and 'cd /cdrom/label', then 'ls' shows 0 files.

Any suggestions on how to get the cdrom to properly mount, or the 220 to
see the cdrom?

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