APM kernel patches

APM kernel patches

Post by bnew.. » Mon, 28 Nov 1994 07:35:07

If any laptop user has had any luck with the APM kernel patches available
on tsx-11, could they email me?  I'm able to install them on my Gateway
486/33slx (Linux 1.1.52) but at some point or other the system will
invariably lock up.  Sigh......

I had posted a question previously about not getting the hard drive to
spin down and stay down.  I found some info on tsx-11: the kernel
(in drivers/block/hd.c) detects an "unknown" interrupt when the hard drive
powers off and then tries to log the interrupt, which causes the hd to spin
up again!  Killing syslogd won't help; so I patched out the notification line
in the kernel.  *Very* crude but it worked.


1. APM kernel patch with 1.2.13?

I realize that with the later kernel releases, Advanced Power Management is
already built into the kernel sources. However, I don't think I am going to
upgrade my kernel anytime soon (I probably will if and when the new
slackware comes out).

But till then I am trying to use the APM kernel patch on the tsx-11 site ( I
beleive the version number is 0.5?) with my 1.2.13 kernel. Everything seems
to work fine right until the compiler tries to link the object files in the
final compile procedure. I don't have the exact error output handy, but it
says something like:

_apm_bios_entry_ undefined text  

or something like that. Anyone successful with the APM patches on the old
kernel? Are there any new APM patches that I don't really know about? I'm
stumped.Thanks for any of your replies, your help and of course your time.


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