Seyon or General problem?

Seyon or General problem?

Post by Michael A. LaBr » Wed, 29 Jun 1994 12:43:48

I'm sitting here reading the linux news and at the same time performing a
quirky little mouse dance so as to enable a relatively sane response time
from my Seyon terminal window (xterm).  If I don't wiggle my mouse, it
waits about 10 seconds before refreshing the screen.  It's making it
difficult to write this article!  I think I'll move it with my foot since
my hands are busy typing.

Why does wiggling my mouse refresh the screen?
Is there a buffer somewhere that should be smaller?
Is xterm a bad choice for a terminal emulator?
Why does the whole world always show up at my door with a box of chocolates
just when I think it's against me?
Is this really a general Xwindows problem?
Why don't the man pages mention mouse wiggling?

Any ideas?


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I can't figure out how to actually kill the local term process.


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