Help: DOS Partition Won't Boot from LILO

Help: DOS Partition Won't Boot from LILO

Post by Patrick J. Chic » Sat, 28 May 1994 04:53:55

Aloha All..

I recently installed Linux on the following system:

486dx-33 ISA, 8meg RAM
Adaptec 1540 SCSI Controller
Fujitsu 420meg SCSI HD
100meg MS-DOS 6, 304meg Linux Native, and 16meg Linux Swap partitions
Paradise SVGA (512k)

In general the installation went well.  The only problem I have is when I
interrupt LILO to request a DOS boot (Linux is the default). DOS fails to boot
with a -non system disk- message as if the DOS partition does not have the
necessary system files. The same parition is accessible after a floppy boot.
I have performed numerous steps, listed below, to rectify this problem
without success.  

- Re-Format DOS Partition with /s option
- R&R's primary DOS partition via DOS fdisk
- Installed LILO in both HD locations
- When DOS is made the default boot OS, same occurs

Any and all help is appreciated

Patrick Chicas


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Until recently, I ran both Windoze 95 and Linux using LILO in the MBR.
It worked fine. Yesterday I re-installed Linux (Slackware 3.2)
whereafter the Win95 partition refused to boot (I _have_ set it to
bootable in Linux fdisk and to 'Active Partition' in msdos fdisk).
Booting Linux from the boot prompt now still works, but when I try to
boot the Win95 partition it just stops. I have lots of data I don't want
to lose on the w95 partition...;-(

As of now, I have used msdos 'fdisk /MBR' to rewrite the MBR, but the
w95 partition still does not boot. I have re-installed lilo about
thrice, but nothing helps.

Please help me!

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