A Pentium! Linux SCREAMS on a P5

A Pentium! Linux SCREAMS on a P5

Post by Tim Bass (Network Systems Engine » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 10:02:47

In response to the question.....

Buslogic PCI SCSI II controller (forgot the model!)

etc, etc......

SCREAMS enough for a old UNIX hack like me.

But for doing graphics, PhotoCD, conversions, etc.
my 16 MB of RAM is tooooooo little.  

I need cheap memory!!!!!!!!!

Donations accepted ;-)


1. Linux <scream>Frustration!</scream>

Here's my problem in a nutshell:  I can't even get started with Linux.
God knows I tried.  I've jumped though flaming hoops and crawled through
electrified mud to just get to the point where I can send a single piece
of email via Linux without replacing all my components.  I am still
unsuccessful, and the problem is my hardware.

Supposedly Linux supports all that I've got, but it sure is hard to

My Specs:

EPOX 7KXA mobo (slot A), Athlon 550, 256 MB PC-133 SDRAM, Jaton GeForce
MX AGP vid, WD 15.3 G ATA 66 7200 RPM main drive (WinME), Maxtor 6.3 G
ATA 66 slave drive (Linux), CompUSA 12X DVD ROM, Teac FDD, Komodo
(Sceptre) 17" CRT, SMC PCI NIC, PCI Happauge WinTV, Dell ps/2 key,
Logitech Marblemouse ps/2 trackball.  All but the new vid card and the
new HD worked before.  I don't suspect the new HD - it's doing its job.
Oh yeah, and a lovely Boca Tidalwave USB external HARDWARE, NOT WINMODEM
56K V.90 modem.

I'm working with Mandrake 7.1. I have several other distros knocking
around (long story), I've got VM Ware for Linux (a gift from an
over-optimistic Linux advocate pal of mine) and the new kernel standing
by on CD.  I need the new kernel so I can theoretically get online with
my USB modem.

I won't bore you with all I went through just to get to the point where
I am now.  My problem now is that Linux doesn't like my wonderful new
video card.

When I was using my crummy old unstable Diamond s540 vid I had no
trouble installing and booting into Linux.  I had Linux on a partition
on my main drive at that time. I could accept the display defaults at
install time and get a gorgeous display.  I plunked down some real money
for a much better card, the Jaton GeForce MX, and under Windows this
card is a dream.  It solved a lot of instability problems I was having
with the old card.

I added the second drive specifically for Linux today.  I was all
excited about a fresh install.  Unfortunately, when I installed Mandrake
7.1 today (the same CD that never failed before) I get as far as testing
the display setup and I get a garbled image and the whole system locks.
I know after a brief interval the display is supposed to flip back if I
don't OK the setup I chose.  That doesn't happen.  It just locks, and I
have to restart to escape.

It's the vid card.  It's that simple.

Somebody please tell me: now what?  I'm not putting back the old Diamond
card.  I'd rather give up on Linux completely, and I'm not going to do
that either, although heaven knows by this time I've been given ample
reason.  Please don't tell me to RFM.  I'm going to shoot the sadist who

Laura Goodwin

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