Ftape still not working!

Ftape still not working!

Post by Eric Levins » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 15:17:33

Unfortunately I use a flaky news server and many times I can't get on to read
articles, so if you could, please respond privately.

I upgraded my kernel source to 1.1.55.  Upon booting, I got the ftape error
stating that it is incompatible with the kernel (from insmod /boot/ftape.o)

I then recompiled ftape, and copied the ftape.o file back to /boot.   Now when
I boot, I don't see that error message.

Instead, when I try to use mt, or tar on the tape drive, the drive light does
not come on and I get the following message

tar: can't open /dev/nftape : I/O error

Before I upgraded kernel versions it worked great.

I will post my findings to this newsgroup

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