problems with cc/gcc setup in sls 1.03 distribution

problems with cc/gcc setup in sls 1.03 distribution

Post by a.. » Thu, 20 Jan 1994 08:18:40

Whenever I include the file "signal.h" I get several pagefulls of
errors that deal with commands in this file. Ick.

I can't get ANYTHING to compile, not even "hello world". I suspect my
files/paths are screwed up, but I can't imagine how, because I
installed this right out of SLS.



1. Problem compiling wih gcc from SLS 1.03

I am having problems with gcc 2.4.5 installed from SLS 1.03. The compiler
complains about not being able to include stddef.h from within stdlib.h.
stddef.h resides in /usr/include/linux, but the precompiler does not
include this path when searching for header files.

If I then specify -I/usr/include/linux on the compile line, stddef.h does
get included correctly.

The next error is that float.h does not exist anywhere. This is also
included from within stdlib.h.

If I create a dummy float.h and try to recompile, I get a syntax error in
stdlib.h complaining about wchar_t being undefined. This is supposed to
be defined in stddef.h but isn't.

I have reinstalled the full c series to see if that fixed the problem; it

Have I done something silly, or has anyone else had the same problems ?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

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