Q: Setup SLIP server (in rc.net)

Q: Setup SLIP server (in rc.net)

Post by shwu.. » Sat, 26 Feb 1994 07:40:17

      Is there anyone who knows how to setup Linux as SLIP server?
I installed SLS 1.03 and dip 3.3.7. After editing /etc/passwd,
/etc/diphosts and creating /usr/bin/dipi (running dip -i), but I don't
know how to set the /etc/rc.net.  I did read NET-2-HOWTO and tried
many times. Always failed.

      Can you anyone out there help me to set up SLIP server or give
me some ideas?

      Any help will be very appreciated.  Thank you !!

Shu-fen Shih


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Hi there,

I've just got the net-0.32 installed, as I'm using a single
loopback machine, so I add /etc/rc.net NO into my rc.local.

The ifconfig and route stuff are configured correctly, but
somehow the server/daemon stuff wont' even execute.

I've tried to use rc.net MULTI and the server/daemon stuff
come up correctly. Why?? FYI, I use tcsh 6.04 if that matters



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