EIDE (696 MB HD) - partition not recognized by fdisk (Slackware 2.1)

EIDE (696 MB HD) - partition not recognized by fdisk (Slackware 2.1)

Post by Sethu R Rathin » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 15:31:21

I have the SlackwarePro 2.1 CD-ROM and an trying to install Linux
on an AMD486DX2/80 (16MB, 696MB EIDE HD ...).  I can split the
existing (one big 696 MB) partition into two, DOS' fdisk
recognizes it, but Linux's fdisk does not.  When I print from
Linix Fdisk, I get

dev/hda1 bootable begin=1, start=1, end=1415, blocks=713159+
ID=54, system=unknown.

The HD, according to CMOS set up is
size=696, cyls=1416, heads=16, sect=63 ...

Any helpful ideas or pointers to more info on this would be


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        Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
        I am following your installation HOWTO v3.0 manual. I am encountering
difficulties with the linux root disk recognizing my hard drive.
        I have set aside 120MB which is partitioned as extended dos. I go
through the BOOT disk without errors, however when i get to the ROOT disk,
after entering 'root' and getting the # prompt I enter fdisk and linux
claimes that a device is not found.
        I do meet the hardware requirement. 386, 4M RAM. The only thing that
could be a problem is my 456MB IDE HD. I have an old bios on my motherboard
in which no HD is specified on boot. My GSI HD controller has bios on it and it
takes care of that.
        I'm not sure if that is the problem. I would appriciate any help or
advice you can provide. If you know of anyone else I can turn to I would
appriciate if you let me know or if you could forward my mail to

Thank you in advance,
Doron Tal.

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