Help linking curses in C++

Help linking curses in C++

Post by na8530b00-Rive » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 05:43:08

I have a problem when using the class CursesWindow and g++. It seems
that the curses library functions are ingnored by the linker and
they are displayed as undefined symbols in the g++ library.

What can I do about this?? Any sugestions???

Miguel Rivera


1. Help with C++ and curses...!

The getch() function doesn't compile under gnu C++ compiler. And due to
very valid reason. getch is defined as wgetch(stdscr) in cursesX.h, but
wgetch is typecast as "int wgectch()". Therefore using getch function
generates a too many arguments error with wgetch. Any idea how to solve
this problem? I'm using ULTRIX.

Bibhas Bhattacharya        |Memorial University of Newfoundland

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