Problem with smail sending mail to my feed (smart_host)

Problem with smail sending mail to my feed (smart_host)

Post by Joe Vash » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 09:27:06

#        smail configuration for
# (see smail(5) man page for details and other options)
smtp_banner="$primary_name $osname Smail$version #$compile_num ready at $date"
received_field="Received: \
        ${if def:sender_host \
                {from $sender_host by $primary_name \
                ${if def:sender_proto: with $sender_proto}\
                \n\t($osname Smail$version #$compile_num) }\
        else{by $primary_name ${if def:sender_proto:with $sender_proto }\
                ($osname Smail$version #$compile_num)\n\t}}\
        id $message_id; $spool_date"

which is what my smart_host site is. It fails with the following error:

database maps/world, open failed: Connection refused
sendmail: mail moved to /var/spool/smail/error/0qacKB-000BJuC

now i have inetd (if this could be a problem) running. Also, the maps/world is
a empty file but exists in /var/lib/smail/maps/world all files for smail are
inside /var/lib/smail/ Is there a configuration file that I must modify.

Also, I have succesfully sent news to and from cquest.. I'm lost! :-)



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1. Smail: How to send mail to domain without specifying hostname?

I recently set up SLS 1.02 and got smail working ... up to a point.  
I can exchange messages with correspondents
up and down the internet.  What I find I cannot do is send messages to
people on my own domain ( where we have a DEC/VAX based
All-in-1 mailing system.  They have set things up so that mail messages

no hostname is specified.  Instead, there is some "intelligent" host
(aka Domain Name Server, I believe)
in the domain that intercepts mail messages, looks up a table
of names, and routes messages to the appropriate host within the domain.
Great!  Except that this little linux box with smail complains at

even leave the machine, let alone find the aforementioned intelligent host.
I have fiddled with the config and paths files, but without success.

Here is my smail config file:
        # visible_domain list the domains (primary first) we say we're in
        # next is the name in our headers
        # this is the path to our smarthost (this could be sysa!sysb!sysc etc.)

and my paths file:
        # who we talk to
        nimbus  nimbus!%s   nimbus!%s   !%s
        # who we are
        sthomas %s   %s

The smail man page refers to various configuration files, which may
be used to over-ride various configuration options.  I guess that my
problem could be solved if I but knew how to set up such files, but
I couldn't find any documentation on the formats for these files, only
the sample "config" and "paths" files which I adapted (above) to my situation.

I do not have uucp configured.  Mail is delivered through the internet.  
The IP address of is  The router on
my subdomain is  The domain is

Any suggestions?  

--Sidney Thomas,

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