2nd IDE / IDE CD-ROM / maplay wanted. Help!

2nd IDE / IDE CD-ROM / maplay wanted. Help!

Post by Carlos Domingu » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 04:04:55

: I have a Gateway with 2 Local bus(s) and cannot reach the disk on
: my 2nd bus (hard disk 3 I guess you could say).  I've seen
: postings about how to do this but they've cycled off my news
: server's back file.

I too can't get my 3rd IDE drive recognized, and its on the same
controller. It works under MSDOS so its not hardware related I
gather. :(

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1. Problems with 2nd IDE i/f and IDE CD-ROM on Compaq Presario CDS 972

Hello...I have a Compaq Presario CDS 972, with two IDE hard drives, and a IDE
CD-ROM drive...I have the two HD's hooked up to the first IDE interface.  No
problem with that.  However, I tried to hook my IDE CD-ROM (I beleive it's a
Mitsumi) to the 2nd IDE interface...neither DOS nor Linux recognizes that it's
even there.  Also, when I boot linux, I see:

ide0: primary interface on irq 14

But nothing about ide1.  How can I enable the second IDE interface?

Thanks in advance!



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