Hinds Pcmcia stuff

Hinds Pcmcia stuff

Post by Todd Bowm » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 05:28:47

I am using a Thomas-Conrad pcmcia ethernet adapter, with Linux kernerl 1.1.49,
and Databook TCIC/2 chip.

I believe that I have my network stuff setup correctly, such as IP, netmask,...
The drivers seem to be loading without any problems, as reported in the log
file, with debugging set.  And I do get a connection.  But it is very slow
with lost packets, and it slows up the computer itself.  Which leads me to
believe that I am wrong and do not have my network information setup correctly,
but I thought I would see if anybody else has had similar problems.

Could It be a memory or irq conflict.

If any one has had similar experiences please let me know.

Thanks very much
Todd Bowman


1. Missing Include File in David Hinds' PCMCIA Package?

I'm trying to use David Hinds' pcmcia cardservice package, but
the file cs.c tries to #include a file named cisreg.h that is not
anywhere in my 1.1.23 source tree.  He said the package worked with
1.1.20, I believe, so I checked kernel patches 21 to 23 to see
whether they deleted the file, but they did not.

Commenting out the #include allows make dep to complete but leaves
three undefined symbols when cs.c gets compiled:

I checked and found that neither COR_ nor _MEMIO appear in any
other file (the double checking in case there was a spelling
error).  Presumably they are all in the missing cisreg.h file,
possibly along with other things I really need.

Does anyone know where I can get cisreg.h, or at least values for
these symbols?  Or is this a sign that something more serious is
wrong?  Where can I go from here?

I note also that the cardservice package came with a 14-diff
patch-file.  The first 9 diffs were usable, but diffs 10 to 14
either were already applied to my 1.1.23 kernel sources or were
otherwise inapplicable.  (That makes some sense, since I was
3 kernel patches ahead, but trying to back out kernel patches
23, 22, and 21 to get a patchlevel 20 source tree that all the
cardservice patches could be applied to did not go well either.)
This paragraph is included only in the hope that it might give
someone more knowledgeable a clue; I can see no direct relation to
my problem, but I'm a beginner.

If you can possibly respond quickly by e-mail, I'd really
appreciate it, because I'd like to have at least the Megahertz
modem running before a trip this Friday.  Thanks a lot!

 - Irving

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