Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V installation problem (mouse)

Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V installation problem (mouse)

Post by Lance Holm » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 03:08:25

I've got a Gateway 2000 dx2-66v tower.  I'm trying to get linux running on
it.  Inorder to get xwindows to come up I understand that I will have to
change the kernel and re-compile.  The reason for this is that the mouse
is a PS/2 type of mouse and it uses irq 12 instead of irq 5.  I have done
this by changing the include file busmouse.h found in directory
/use/src/linux/include/linux.  I also change the irq and address of my mitsumi
cdrom.  It needed to have the file mcd.h changed to use address of 0x340 and
IRQ 11.

Every thing compiles and the system boots up.  AS it boots up it detects

the pointing device as a ps/2 and it also detects the mitsumi_cd.

I have two problems.

One is that the cdrom now doesn't mount and I have to mount it after
login in as root.  There is an entry in my fstab and it use to mount before
with the default kernel that came with the yggdrasil boot disk.
What do I have to do to get this to happen.

My other problem which is more troubling is that I still cant seem to get
xconfig set up write so that x finds the mouse.  my setting in xconfig
is: busmouse /dev/psmouse.

Lance Holmes


1. Gateway 4DX2-66V w Mitsumi FX001D CDROM + RedHat 6.0 = Arrrrrrrgh

In summary ( and for reasons I won't go into ) I am trying to implement
RH6.0 as the sole O/S on a Gateway 4DX2-66V formerly a captive of
It's got 24M of Ram, 530Meg HD, floppies ( 5.x & 3.x ), and a Mitsumi
CD-ROM. Leaving aside the necessity of putting the OS on a diet due to

Made myself a boot disk off the RH6.0 CD-1.
Boots up fine.
Keyboard, Language, Yadda, Yadda. A-OK
Now try to install RH6.0.

Cannot get CD drive recognised.

CD-ROM is a Mitsumi FX001D, Port is 0x300-0x303, No IRQ
I know its a proprietary POS.
I've read the CD-ROM Mini HOWTO and the parts of the RH6.0 Installation
( including Appendix E ) that pertain.
Whatever I do, the best I can manage is to get to a state where the
tries to read the CD and fails because it thinks there's nothing in the

If I try setting options manually:
Whether I use the regular ( mcd ) or alternate Mitsumi drivers all I get
most times is "I can't find the device anywhere on your system".

If I try autoprobing:
Machine tries to "Initialize CD" then fails "mount failed, no medium

Some of you will ask the obvious question about the drive...
All I can say is BillOS95 has no problems with it.

Anybody out there have a clue what the problem may be.



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