Win Mosiac and 1.1.13

Win Mosiac and 1.1.13

Post by we.. » Mon, 30 May 1994 01:09:22

I was having a problem connecting from Windows Mosaic 2.04 to my Linux machine
over ethernet and over a SLIP connection.  This was using the 1.0.8 kernel.
Someone (Alan Cox I think) posted that this was fixed as of the 1.1.13 kernel.
So I installed the 1.1.13 kernel and this fixed the problem of connecting over
ethernet but I still can't connect over the SLIP line.  

I get "Socket: Connection has been reset"  This is the same error I had over
ethernet before, which went away when I upgraded to the 1.1.13 kernel. Are
there some other programs I need to upgrade to fix the SLIP problem?



1. Compiling GLib 1.1.13 Won't work.

I need to compile CVS Glib 1.1.13 so I can install CVS GTK+ 1.19 so I can
install CVS Imlib so I can install CVS Enligtement DR 0.15. Anyways trying
to compile it with ./ gives me the error after doing some
plimtary system checks for certin compilers and developer tools that it
cann't not continue with complialation because something needs to be
shared and it can not give it privledges to share. And Yes I remembered to
leave X before trying this!!

It doesn't really say what it needs to have priledges to share, it just
claims to need some privledges to share some libaries to compile. I really
stumped here. Any help would be appreachted...

Ohh.... Here's what commands I am using:

mount -n /dev/hda7 /mnt/machd
cd ../mnt/machd/
tar xvfz glib-1.1.13-tar.gz
cd glib
#This is as far as I get before the errors. The make install command will
not work.
make install

Also, if you can't help me, where can I get CVS RPM's of this??? Probally
nowheres is your anwser..

I am currently on a PowerMacintosh 4400/200, 32 megs of RAM, LinuxPPC R4.1
CD install, Enlightement DR.14 and a pretty standard KDE-type install.



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