Data-acquisition with Linux (A/D converters)

Data-acquisition with Linux (A/D converters)

Post by Harald Kirs » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 23:48:13

Does anybody have experience, or even tried with success to acquire data
with an A/D converter board under Linux?

Despite the fact, that I have no drivers for our Data Translation
boards, I wonder how I can tell the Linux scheduler to give the data
acquisition process such a high priority that it does not miss a single
sample, even at, say, 100kHz sampling rate --- a rate which is easily
reached in MesSy-DOS.

Harald Kirsch


FhG/IITB       Fraunhoferstr. 1 76131 Karlsruhe  | ject oriented.


1. Data Acquisition using linux with [Data Acquisition Processor] DAP

Can Anybody Suggest me how to start off with  data acquisition
progamming in c on linux ,using the DAP card would be kind if
someone let me know some websites which guides how to start
programming or some sites where examples are there .........i have
done  data acquisition using Graphical Language and i want to try in
linux using "C" ........i also want to know how to interact with the
DAP card

can any body please give some guide lines


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