Help on installing Yggdrasil summer 94 CD from SB16 CD-ROM

Help on installing Yggdrasil summer 94 CD from SB16 CD-ROM

Post by Eddie Ho Chung Kw » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 11:16:27

  My PC has the following SCSI related configuration :
  1) 1 Adaptec 1542C controller
  2) 1 SCSI-2 Quantum 240MB hard disk
  3) 1 SoundBlaster SCSI-2 sound card with SCSI CD-ROM support
  4) 1 NEC SCSI-I CD-ROM without parity checking function

  I have tried to connect my CD-ROM in the following two ways to install Linux
but failed :
  1) Connect the CD-ROM to the sound card :
     I boot the Linux by
        linux aha152x=0x340,11,1,1

     The installation hangs after a long period of waiting for my CD-ROM to
     respond. LILO dumps a lot of things to my screen saying about aborting
     the process.

  2) Daisy chaining my CD-ROM and hard disk through the 1542C controller and
     disable the parity checking of the controller (otherwise it will cause
     the system unable to read my floppy disk drive !).Then boot the Linux
     just by pressing return after LILO loading Linux's prompt screen.

     It failed by saying
          kernel panic : VFS cannot mount CD-ROM (something like that)

  After many hours of frustation, I need help from anybody who has similar
experience before. I guess the problem resides in my SCSI-1 CD-ROM which
does not support parity checking (it is a pity I bought it last week) because
I saw the loading process has 'parity checking=Enabled' string on the screen.

   On the other hand, I can connect to my CD-ROM in both cases under DOS or
OS/2 2.1. I don't know how to tell Linux to bypass some checking in order to
support my CD-ROM. Since one of my reasons to buy a CD-ROM is to run Linux,
failing to do so frustated me a lot.

   Can anybody help me ?

Thanks in advance
Eddie Ho


1. Can't install Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with SCSI-1 CD-ROM


  I can't install my Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with the following SCSI
related configuration :
  1) 1 Adaptec 1542C controller
  2) 1 240MB SCSI-2 hard disk
  3) 1 Sound Blaster 16 AIC-6360 sound card
  4) 1 NEC SCSI-1 CD-ROM (I say it is SCSI-1 because ezscsi.exe provided by
     Adaptec detects it as a SCSI-1 one without support for parity checking).

  I have tried to install Linux with the following two configurations :
  1) connect the CD-ROM to SB16 card and the hard disk to 1542C controller :
     I typed the command
     Linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1
     to boot Linux but failed after a long period of detecting my CD-ROM
     and dumped a lot of messages about the queue status.
     I noticed that the parity checking is enabled.

  2) connect the CD-ROM and hard disk to 1542C with parity checking disabled
     while just connect the sound output from CD-ROM to SB16 card only :

     I used the default booting process and it failed a lot faster and told
     me that it can't mount the CD-ROM (kernel panic : unable to mount VFS).

  These two configurations work fine under both OS/2 2.1 and DOS/Windows.

  Now I need help to the following questions :
  1) How can I install Linux using this CD-ROM with such config ?
  2) Which other CD-ROM distribution can I use to install Linux ?

  One of the major reasons to buy CD-ROM is to run Linux. Failing to do so
frustrated me a lot. Please help me !

Thanks in advance,

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