Linux questions & problems Part II (continued)

Linux questions & problems Part II (continued)

Post by Francisco J. Di » Tue, 28 Sep 1993 08:20:20

  Hi All! I'm having some problems with MCC linux and the latest linux
kernel. I just got the p13 kernel and compiled it. After I got down to the
"make zImage" command and completed it, I did this:
     1. cp /usr/src/linux/zImage
     2. copied zImage to where /etc/lilo/config pointed to as "Image" instead
        of "zImage" (Because config says "Image" and not "zImage")
     3. Ran "/etc/lilo/install"

 Now, when I boot up with Linux (from my HD) it still says p10 instead of p13
and it locks up shortly after I log in. I have 2 more files left named
"zBoot" and "". What should I do with them? What is going on here?
What do I need to do to make this thing work? I'm very frustrated as I have
worked my whole weekend in this thing with no result and I'm about to format
my HD and toss Linux out of it..:-( Very good system but too much trouble for
a starter like me. It just disappoints me. Any1 cares to help a dismoralized
user out? (That's me, of course!) :-( BTW, I installed everything with the
defaults and Linux, once it boots it keeps checking the disk as if it was
peforming a chkdsk-like command.

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1. strtok part II - the continuing saga...

I received alot of responces from my first post on
comp.lang.c -but-

Is there an ftp site where I get docs that talk about the str
functions??? I am hesitating to purchance anything - afterall
I don't understand what is going on (yet).

scorecard for 5 mailed programs sent to me:

             NeXT            Vax
              cc             vcc (ansi)
prog 1        ok       |     ok        
prog 2     bus error   |     ok
prog 3     bus error   |     ok
prog 4     no compile  |  no compile
prog 5        ok       | runtime error

  program 2 and program 3 are mysteries to me

  program 4 used the function strdup which is not supported on
  the NeXT or Vax as far as I know.

  program 5 had a few typo's that I fixed which may have
  resulted in the program working in one environment and not

##### SAMPLE
Here is the 3rd program which didn't work on the NeXT, but did work
on the Vax.

#include <string.h>
   char *p;

   p = strtok("The summer soldier, the sunshine patriot", " ");
   do {
      p = strtok('\0', ", ");
      if (p) printf("|%s", p);
   } while(p);

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