serial line terminal only gets one character

serial line terminal only gets one character

Post by Pang » Fri, 29 Oct 1993 22:13:31

|> : I've been trying to get a terminal running on my serial card
|> :  with the following setttings:
|> this is how the line should look in /etc/inittab
|> # BEWARE: where is your getty? in /bin or in /etc?
|> #
|> c7:123456:respawn:/bin/getty 9600 ttys1
|> ^                                    ^
|> |                                    |___ note the small 's'
|> |                                         the Large 'S' is supposed to be
|> |                                         for modems but was replaced by
|> |                                         cua...

Mine is

 # BEWARE: where is your getty? in /bin or in /etc?
 c7:123456:respawn:/bin/getty 9600 cua1

with a vt220 compatible terminal. I tried the ttyxx before but it did not
work ( could not login ).



1. Problems getting an XT to be a text terminal over a serial line


I've been trying to get an old XT to act as a dumb terminal to my Linux
box. I've got a serial LapLink cable (which does work in LapLink between
the machines), but I'm not getting anything. I got stuff-all when I
tried to rig an agetty on Linux, but I'm also not getting much trying to
communicate with Telix on DOS (which looks a hell of a lot like minicom)
and minicom on Linux. If I type in minicom I get garbage on telix, at a
bit under 1 character per character typed (I guess there are buffer
overruns if flow control is stuffed; I'm trying to run it with and
without hardware flow control and software flow control). If I type in
telix I nothing in minicom (although I once got lots of a's)

The only thing I can think of that would do that is mismatched baud
rates, stop bits etc. But I've tried running both machines at 19200/8N1
and at 9600/8N1 (according to telix, mode, minicom and setserial) and
I've tried minicom on both /dev/ttyS1 and /dev/cua1 (yes I am using

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
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