Please read this if you have MSDOS date problems

Please read this if you have MSDOS date problems

Post by Alberto Vignan » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 23:38:15

Hi all.
This could become a FAQ, so I'll better issue a warning also to c.o.l.h.
There is a bug in /sbin/clock in Slackware 2.0; at startup it passes
the timezone value to the kernel in seconds instead of minutes. The
effect is such that the dates you see on MSDOS filesystem(s) are offset
by many days.
Suggested actions:
1) replace /sbin/clock with a newer version (e.g. from the util-linux-1.10
   package you can find on any linux ftp site)
2) replace /sbin/clock with an older version (e.g. the Slackware 1.2
   version works ok)
3) if you can't do 1) or 2), set your timezone to GMT.

1. Please read this if you have MSDOS date problems

Doh! I was just about to report the same problem -- I noticed a date
on a file in my DOS partition that I knew was wrong; upon further checking,
some files I wrote under DOS show up under Linux as being written on
Oct 7 1994 (i.e., 2 weeks in the future), despite the time and date
being correct under either OS.

Question: Why are the files on the MSDOS partition showing up with the
wrong dates anyway?  My clock is set to local time, and linux 'date'
displays the right time so I assume it understands this.  The local time
(not the GMT) is written by MSDOS (must be, since it doesn't know
anything about time zones!), so no translation is necessary.

If Linux is interpreting the times written for MSDOS files as GMT, then
even getting a working /sbin/clock doesn't completely fix the problem
(although it reduces the difference to a few hours, instead of several
days).  However, this doesn't seem right since I am west of GMT, so
my time is earlier than GMT, and if Linux is reading the correct
(local) dates but interpreting them as GMT, it should tell me that the
files were written _earlier_ than they were actually written, not later!

/dev/joe, living in the WRONG TIME ZONE.
   (old Saturday Night Live skit, you had to have seen it :-)

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