TAMU 1.0A install problem

TAMU 1.0A install problem

Post by Vi Cuong Ch » Sun, 03 Jul 1994 09:50:38


   Recently I help a friend to install Linux on her system, I copied
the TAMU 1.0A distribution on 1.44M media..  I boot up the machine
with the boot disk and it stops with an error like:

    IO error at block 1200

   during the copying of the boot disk into ramdisk... has anyone
encountered someone like that?  I would appreciate all the help.



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Hi folks,
I just downloaded TAMU binaries from net.tamu.edu and made
floppies using rawrite.exe.
The booting thru the boot floppy and the installation procedure
goes smoothly but, once it is installed, it does not
1) Boot from LILO ( probably because linux does not set itself as
   active partition )

2) If booted from the installation boot disk, it has an option
to install everything or to drop down to shell. When the latter
is selcted, it takes you to the root directory and there is
a whole lot of things missing. ( I guess at that point, he is
still executing out of the RAMDISK). So how do I create a real
boot floppy ( not the installation boot floppy) ..


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