BSD - Linux ?'s

BSD - Linux ?'s

Post by Matt Falens » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 06:16:47

Could someone please tell me the difference btw FreeBSD & Linux?
Which is better? MOre supporrt? I am trying to convince a friend
to run Linux and not FreeBSD.. :)

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1. 'sockaddr' type versus 'osockaddr', under linux & bsd... help!

I'm trying to port back to bsd a linux daemon that was ported to linux,
years ago.
I don't understand the difference between sockaddr and osockaddr
(apart from the fact that sockaddr begins with the length ... that's for
the structure difference ...). When should I use one or the other ?

Under linux (2.0.29),  osockaddr, used in the program is defined to be
sockaddr, which is defined as
struct sockaddr
        unsigned short  sa_family;      /* address family, AF_xxx       */
        char            sa_data[14];    /* 14 bytes of protocol address */

Under bsd (netbsd), it appears that osockaddr is exactly the same thing
as below, but that sockaddr is

struct sockaddr {
        u_char  sa_len;                 /* total length */
        u_char  sa_family;              /* address family */
        char    sa_data[14];            /* actually longer; address value */

The problem is that I can't use the short version all the time because
all socket functions (connect, sendto, bind ...) require a 'sockaddr *'.

Is it sufficient to use always the 'short' version (sockaddr under linux and
osockaddr under bsd) and to typecast for socket system calls ?
Probably not, because it seems that the 'old' protocol requires use of
htons and ntohs for sa_family... I guess it because old is 'u_char' and
new is 'unsigned short'.

Please help getting me out of this *mess* .... Thanks !

Please cc: by mail and post to the newsgroup. Thanks.


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