Video Card (Tseng 4000/W32i) compatibility and other compatibility questions

Video Card (Tseng 4000/W32i) compatibility and other compatibility questions

Post by Daniel J. Clan » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 05:23:41

I am purchasing a new PC and I am hoping to Run Linux with
XFree on it.

I have looked at the FAQs to try and determine if my video card will
be compatible.  I had heard to stay away from Diamond cards becasue
there are come problems with them.

Well, I could not find video cards listed in the FAQ hardware howto that
I found.  This seemd very odd to me.

Well, I am looking at two different systems.
Using two different cards.

   1.   One uses the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro
        which is based on the mach32 chip

   2.   The other uses a card based on the Tseng 4000/W32i chip.

I am probably getting the second of these.

Has anybody got Linux and Xfree working with either of these cards
or know where I can find this information in the FAQ's?

Also, in general, do I need to worry about checking every component
of my system for compatibility?  Do  most components work with
linux and Xfree?  

Thanks for the info.

Dan Clancy


1. BJC-4000 Compatibility

    My dad seems to not have wanted to wait for any usenet advice before
getting a printer for this here machine, and so we now have a Cannon
BJC-4000 on our desk.  Its a great printer, at least the ads would lead
you to believe that (5 ppm b/w, good color, etc.), but I can't figure out
how the heck to get it to run with ghostscript.  Piping ASCII to /devl/lp1
works fine, but I'd be interested in getting some TeX sort of output
from this baby....
    First, I tried printing from ghostview.  It seemed to work ok, but it
ended up just sending postscript to the printer, and as it didn't get it,
I just got an ASCII copy of the ps doc.  Yuck....  Next, I tried using the
actual gs program, specifying the bj200 driver, and /dev/lp1 as the output,
but this resulted in a few unintelligable letters on the right side of the
screen.  Now I'm baffled as to how to procede.
    Perhaps I'm naive to assume that the bj200 driver will work with this
new printer, but I would assume the two would be backwards-compatible.  Anyone
have any helpful suggestions here?  I can't have a $400 printer that only
does ASCII....  (The only alternative is the install windows, but that would
definitely be icky.)



"If patterns of 1s and 0s were 'like' patterns of human lives and death,
if everything about an individual could be represented in a computer by a
long string of 1s and 0s, then what kind of creature would be represented
by a long string of lives and deaths?"  --Thomas Pynchon

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