Thinkpads & Linux

Thinkpads & Linux

Post by R.X. Amarna » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 10:01:42

Hi All,

If anybody has successfully installed Linux on a Thinkpad 700 (mono)
and/or docking station please please send me mail

Linux does not see my hard drive (ESDI) giving the heads cylinders and
sectors does not work. It gives an error i.e. HDD controller is buzy.

I also have a SCSI micropolis 1GB drive and a NEC 3xi CD ROM  but LILO does not recognize the SCSI controller

Please help..

Thanx in advance
Rohit Amarnath


1. IBM Thinkpads & Linux

Hello Linuxers,

I would like to know if somebody already tried to install Linux on
IBM's famous notebook ThinkPad 700/720 (the one with the red button).
 As far as I remember they use a standard ISA bus (not MCA like PS/2), there
should be no problem from this point of view.

Thank You !


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