Backing Up remote drive with SAMBA

Backing Up remote drive with SAMBA

Post by Gilles KHOUZ » Fri, 10 Mar 1995 21:30:55

I have a linux machine, and a WFWG machine, the Linux one has the tape
backup, and I want to be able to backup everything from linux. Is there a
way using samba (or something else) to backup remote drives?

               Gilles Khouzam, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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1. Remote Back-ups

I am trying to use a tape drive on a remote machine to do my
ufsdumps. According to the man page I should have
this command:

#ufsdump 9 f compA:/dev/rmt/0 /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0

I have made sure that I have and entry for my machine
( compB )in compA's .rhosts.
I keep getting cant open dump device.
DUMP: Cannot open dump device `compA:/dev/rmt/0': No such file or
I am root on compB, I did do a dump on compA verifying
that compA does see the tape device. Made sure that
the hosts names and IP's are correct in both /etc/hosts
table. I am at a lost. Could someone help me. An
email would be the best.

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