smail uucp problems (zero length files)

smail uucp problems (zero length files)

Post by Paul Tombl » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 21:53:42

I'm setting up my home linux box as a uucp news and email site, but I'm
currently having a problem with smail.  When ever I send email to my upstream
site (or anywhere else off site for that matter), the file queued up to go
out via uucp shows up as being zero bytes long - UNLESS I use smail -d (or
elm -V), in which case the whole thng goes out.

I am using a plain vanilla Slackware 2.0, and my smail configuration was done
using tools.linux/mkconfig (and then commenting out some stuff to get rid of
that /bin/uuname error)

Any ideas why smail would behave properly in debug mode but break when I
don't have debug mode on?

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