Cyrix Cx486DRx2-16/32 CPU causes kernel to panic

Cyrix Cx486DRx2-16/32 CPU causes kernel to panic

Post by Michael A. Sta » Sun, 27 Nov 1994 17:53:53


has/does anyone have a Cyrix "clocked doubled upgrade processor" running
lynix? Mine panics in a repeatable fashion with a "gerenal protection"
error. i have the entire message if anyone is interested.



1. Kernel panic with Cyrix Cx486 S25 CPU (similar to U5 CPU panic)

He resolved his problem by installing an Intel CPU.

I have a Cyrix Cx486 S25 FasCache (Cx486S-25GP) processor that fails in
the same way.  The messages are:
   math_emulate: 0010:0010ebb4
   Kernel panic: Math emulation required in kernel
   In swapper task - not syncing

The kernel should have math emulation support.  It's the same kernel that
I use on a AMD 386SX/25.  I've also tried the boot/root image diskettes--
similar results.  I'm running Linux 1.0.8.

Any ideas?  TIA.

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