BusLogic BT-410A

BusLogic BT-410A

Post by Mark Co » Thu, 19 Jan 1995 03:56:59

I have a BusLogin BT-410A caching controller card. It suports up to 4 IDE
hard drives. I am using 1.1.81, and when it recognizes the third hard
drive, it times out and says that it is busy at 0xff or something like
that. Does anyone have any idea? The drive works fine under DOS and
Windows. I think the controller puts all 4 IDE's at address 0x170.

Please help!


1. Buslogic BT-410A EIDE Cache Controller, should I buy?

I am thinking about purchasing a Buslogic Cache controller and was wondering
if anyone had any experience(good or bad) with this card under Linux.

Please copy me on e-mail with any posts.  Thanks.

-Justin Bandholz        

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