Need suggestion on ISP who can hook up my linux to Internet

Need suggestion on ISP who can hook up my linux to Internet

Post by Peter L » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 04:04:54

I am trying to find a ISP who can help me to connect my linux box
to internet.  I check several of them, they all reply that they only
know how to do with pc and mac system, not linux or unix like system.
I live in N. San Jose area.
Any suggestion, especially anyone who has done the same thing with his linux
box is highly appreciated.

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shut down gracefully when the power goes out.

Is this a getty sort of thing? Can anyone get me started on where to
look for the manual so I can RTFM? ;-) Anyone got a program that does
this already that they wouldn't mind sending me?

Thanks in advance,

 Bret A. Schuhmacher

 DSC Communications Corp, Plano Texas             fault by my own.

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