help! Linux and ISDN via serial port.

help! Linux and ISDN via serial port.

Post by Charif Lakchir » Wed, 15 Nov 2000 01:31:13

  I'm a newbie to Linux and I've just installed Red Hat 7J (japanese
version). One week later, I purchased a TA with DSU for ISDN internet
connection. The TA, connected to serial port, worked fine with win98 after
installing the drivers that were on CD installation, but in the installation
manual it seemed not to support Linux. (I mean Linux was not listed among
the supported OSs)
  I want to connect to internet via Linux. Is that possible? If yes, could
anybody tell me how? Thanks in advance for any help.



1. Accessing ISDN via TA on Serial Port

I'm running SCO OpenServer Release 5. I currently connect to my Internet
Service Provider using a standard modem and PPP. I want to upgrade to ISDN
and have identified the BT Igniition as a suitable TA (Terminal Adaptor).
I can connect to the Ignition a 115K baud.

Can anyone tell me how I route through it? The Ignition has PPP and handles
the negotiation with the remote end. How do I get SCO to talk to the Ignition
and send IP packets through it? Do I still use PPP on the SCO box, say,
configured as a direct link?

Paul Mahoney, X-Act Solutions Limited
smail: Owlsmead, Meads Road, Little Common, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN39 4SY

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