Banyan VINES & floppy boot

Banyan VINES & floppy boot

Post by Albert D. Cahal » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 06:18:49

I would like to install every last bit of Linux w/o using the
hard drive.  I am willing to boot from a floppy, here is the setup:

When DOS boots, it loads some Banyan network drivers in AUTOEXEC.BAT.
They are: BAN /NL /NC, WDBAN, and REDIR4.  There is a login which
then starts a menu from the network.  Before login, there is a Z:
drive.  After login there is an S: drive.  I do not have write access
to either of these drives.

(or whatever, I can look it up).  From DOS I can make it the D: drive

LINK INS <drive> <resource> [<password>] [-S]
I have write access to a few directories on this drive.  It would
give me 800MB of free space for Linux.  Am I correct to assume that
the network drivers will not run under Linux/dosemu/umsdos/whatever ?

I would also want to use the network printer.  It also has a big long
name.  It is an HP laserjet refered to as an Apple Laserwriter by the

486SX25 Dell, 8MB RAM, Ethernet, Western Didgital Paradise SVGA, an
IDE HD that I can't use (except maybe for swap), modem, & serial mouse.

Thank you,
Albert Cahalan


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