Boca PCI Ethernet card problems - more details?

Boca PCI Ethernet card problems - more details?

Post by Jos V » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have severe problems using the Boca PCI Ethernet cards, based
on the AMD Lance chip, on my Linux boxes.  In general, they are working,
but large datatransfers fail on the sending site, and some specific data
sequences cause problems on the sending site.

My local Boca distributor acknowledges the problems, and there seem to
be "new drivers" (probably with a workaround).  When I told that
I didn't use those drivers (running Linux), he told me that it was
necessary to exchange the cards with revised ones.

I think I read a similar story some time ago in one of the newsgroups.

Can anyone tell me what revision I need, where I should look at the
card to find whether it's a new one, etc.?  I want to be sure I get the
right level this time.



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1. Boca Ethernet PCI card problems

I recently purchased a Boca PCI ethernet card to use with my Linux
machine. This card is based on the LANCE NE2100 chip.

I patched up my kernel up to 1.1.72 and included the support
for the LANCE chip in the ethernet card drivers.

kernel 1.1.72 does not detect the card even with the LANCE support
compiled in.

Has anyone gotten this PCI ethernet card from Boca to work
successfully ?
Which kernel should I use for this ?

Please help,


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