Problems booting linux from OS/2 boot manager

Problems booting linux from OS/2 boot manager

Post by Johnnie Leu » Sun, 24 Apr 1994 16:32:18

I just installed the 'tiny base system' of SLS 1.05 on my 386DX40 (AMI
BIOS, OPTi chipset) with 8 MB RAM to try Linux out, but am
experiencing problems.

I have 2 IDE hard drives, set up as follows:

Disk 1 (Maxtor 7345A, 345 MB)
OS/2 boot manager [primary]
DOS 6.1 system [logical]
FAT partition [logical]
OS/2 system [logical]

Disk 2 (Quantum Prodrive LPS240, 240 MB)
HPFS partition [logical]
Linux [logical]

The installation process went smoothly.  After booting Linux from the
boot floopy I followed the FAQ's instructions of changing
/etc/lilo.conf to make the 'boot=' line point to the Linux partition,
which is /dev/hdb6.  The new /etc/lilo.conf reads as follows:


I then ran lilo with the -v switch, which gave me the following:

        Reading boot sector from /dev/hdb6
        Merging with /boot/boot.b
        Boot image: /zImage
        Added linux
        Boot image: /Image
        Added linux2
        Backup copy of boot sector in /boot/boot.0346
        Writing boot sector

Then I tried booting Linux from the OS/2 boot manager, and got as far
as the characters 'LIL'.

I suspect there's something other than lilo.conf that should be
changed also, but don't know what it is and how to do it as I am
really new to Linux.  If there's anyone that can offer me some
suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Johnnie Leung


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