CM206 programming question?

CM206 programming question?

Post by Michael Thero » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 07:54:04


     I am currently working on a device driver for the Philips CM206
double-speed drive.  I am wondering if anyone else is out there working
on a driver, in particular, succesfully read from a data CD and got
meaningful information from it.  I have a command that you can send to the
drive and make it read, however everything else is guess-work.  I've gotten
the drive to successfully perform all other necessary functions ( and a few
unnecessary ones ).  If anyone has started writing a driver, please e-mail


P.S. For others who are interested in assisting in assisting in the
creation of this driver, a Majordomo will be online shortly.  I will
announce it here when it is up.


CM206 programming question?

Post by Michael Thero » Tue, 17 Jan 1995 10:02:24

: Yes! Excellent work Mike.


: I am sure that a lot of Philips CM206 owners like me will stand in line to
: kiss your feet should you succeed.

Uhhhh... Sure, and there will be a new syndrome out there called athlete's

: Keep us posted!

Sure thing, if any overly ambitious programmers can figure out how to read
from the cm206 drive reliably it would be great...

: Greetings,

: Patrick


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     I'm an amateur programmer and I would be interested in attempting to
create a CDROM driver for the Phillips DoubleSpeed 206.  No such driver
exists at this time, and I know many Linux enthusiasts (myself included) would
be interested in having one.  Does anyone know where I can retrieve a doc file
on how to program this drive?  Thanks in advance.


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