X11R6 trashes screen on exit

X11R6 trashes screen on exit

Post by Mr A Bir » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 20:58:28

Dear all,

I have just upgraded to X11R6 using the XF86_ALI server with my Avance
Logic 2301 card. It works just fine except that if I try to switch
consoles using ALT-F1 etc, or if I exit from X, my screen is unusable.

What's more is that if I then switch back VT 5 which is running X, I
sometimes get back X and sometimes the same rubbish that is in other
text VTs!

Any help appreciated. Is this a server problem or a configuration one?
I note that this problem never occured with XF86 version 2.1 which
still runs well on my computer.



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