rp-pppoe, Verizon DSL, and firewall confusion

rp-pppoe, Verizon DSL, and firewall confusion

Post by Joseph C Valentin » Sun, 18 Mar 2001 16:46:19

The problem I am having is actually pretty simple, I would have thought

I want to be able to open and close ports in UDP and TCP.  However, I have
tried various ways of doing this through my rc.local file using the ipchains
command after having recompiled the 2.2x kernel with rp-pppoe-2.2.  If the
firewall program is automatically run (how would I know besides looking for
an echo in the boot process?  Is there an equivalent to an "autoexec.bat"
file that calls the scripts?), how can I see what ports are and aren't open
for transmission from a client on my internal network (each client is
running Win98se)?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.  I've tried reading HOWTOs, etc. and
have nearly given up after all this time that I've been unable to access
certain ports for two-way communication.  I really don't want to revert to
an NT or 2k server, especially not on a P120 :)

Thanks in advance!

- Joe

- Joe


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