SMAIL problem: Doesn't deliver mail-forward problem.

SMAIL problem: Doesn't deliver mail-forward problem.

Post by Serge Solski » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 07:45:54

        I'm having a problem with smail. It's not delivering mail. A look
at msglog shows "(ERR_112) director forward: alias database
/usr/lib/smail/forward: Database not found."

        I'm currently running 1.1.45 slackware, and smail version 3.1.28.
It used to work before, but not now after I've been trying to put myself
on the internet (currently between internet feeds.)

        Is this a common problem, or will I have to provide some more
in-depth information. What is the format of /usr/lib/smail/forward? Can
someone email me their forward file, or can you deactivate it?

        Much thanks to anyone who can help.

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1. smail won't deliver my mail

First of all let me say that I am very new to Linux so if this is in an
faq or seems a stupid question please forgive me.
I have just installed smail 3.1.29 on my Slackware system. I am testing it
by just using mail to send to local users. I can mail to root with no
problems from every other user. However, if I try to mail to any user
other than root it fails and the message gets sent to postmaster. The error
shown is "Xfail: <djh> reason: (ERR133) transport local: failed to open
output file: Permission denied." It seems to be failing when writing to
the mailbox in /var/spool/mail. This directory is owned by root, group
mail and is rwx to both of these. It is r-x to others. I can get round the
problem by making the directory rwx to everyone but is this the right
thing to do. All users except root are in group users. I tried putting
them in group mail as well but this did not help.
Can someone help please.
Many thanks

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