compiling slurp under slackware 3.0

compiling slurp under slackware 3.0

Post by Jonathan Irvin » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I'm having problems getting slurp (the nntp client) to work on my
system, which is slackware 3.0, linux 1.2.13, gcc 2.7.0, slurp 1.10 and
cnews I don't know what version off hand.  The problem _seems_ to be
history related (dbm database?).

Can anyone suggest a group where this would more appropriately be
posted (in greater detail obviously) or perhaps reveal themselves as
the news guru I've been looking for?  I could do with some sleep...


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1. slurp grabs more than slurp.sys says

Getting dialup ppp/email/nearly everything else up and running in one
afternoon was a pleasant change from months of struggling with Win95,
but I still have a problem:  Using the setup provided in Slackware 3.0.0
for demon (a UK ISP) I find that slurp seems to retrieve many more
groups than named in the slurp.sys file, which has about eight - linux
groups and demon announce/support groups.

Any known problems in this area before I dump reams of possibly
irrelevant info on the group?



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