Problem with term/txconn -- HELP!!

Problem with term/txconn -- HELP!!

Post by Elias Kougiano » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 10:45:36

I am trying to run X-windows applications from a remote host on my Linux
X-Server. Before I describe the problem, here's some pertinent info :

 Linux 1.1.26 running on a 468/33 8M RAM
 XFree 2.1.1 (I think, whatever comes with Slackware 1.2.0)
 Term 1.1.18
 Hayes Optima 14.4K modem, limited to 9600 due to ancient equipment on
 the other side of the link.
 The remote hosts are either IBM RS6K running Aix 3.2 or Sun Sparcstations
 running whatever it is they run (nice way of saying I have no idea).

I compiled term on both my Linux box and the remote machines with no problems.
I run linecheck and escaped a few characters.

Term/trsh works great on both remote machines. No problem there.

I followed the directions that came with term, i.e :

I started X on my Linux box. From inside X,  first I did an xhost + and then
trsh-ed to the remote machine (let's call it unix1). I get my remote prompt.
So far, so good.

Now, on the remote machine (unix1) I do a txconn. I get the usual

Xconn bound to screen 9

I then set the DISPLAY env. variable on the remote (unix1) host (I use csh):

  setenv DISPLAY unix1:9

(I used both a full address i.e. unix1.bla.blah.blablah as well as the shorter
version, the results are the same).

Everything so far works as it's supposed to. But, as soon as I try to start
an X-app on the remote machine, I get the following (extremely irritating)
error message:

XIO:  Fatal IO error 32 (Broken pipe) on X server "unix1:9.0" after 0
      requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.
      The connection was probably broken by a server shutdown or KillClient.

Being an X newbie, the above message is incomprehensible to me. Something
similar about broken pipes and KillClient shows up on the Linux VT also.

I've tried several permutations of the above steps to no avail. Any help
would be tremendously appreciated.


Problem with term/txconn -- HELP!!

Post by Tim Cut » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 23:34:12

This seems to be a problem specific to term 1.1.18.  I find it also
happens unless I run tredir or txconn from a termtelnet session, rather
than a trsh.  There is apparently a bug in term 118 trsh.  If you get
the trsh from term 117, everything should work.


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1. txconn hangs term link [term-2.0h]

Hi all.
I have used term since its early days.  I was lately using the term that
comes with slackware [term-1.1.4] but "decided" to try term-2.0h.
Everything worked fine until that instant...

Ever since, txconn does not seem to work properly for me.
Before this version, I would run term on both sides, then
"setenv DISPLAY `hostname``txconn`" [C Shell] and then would ready
things by runnign xbiff, xhost, etc.
Now, when I do the setenv step, that runs fine.  But as soon as any client
tries to use the X link (even the remote xhost command), it hangs the
link.  I can see that ever since, the modem starts to "Send" as if it was not
being heard on the other side. After a minute or so, I give up and kill
term to recover my link to school.

The OS version in the remote system is:
SunOS vanzetti 4.1.3 3 sun4c

On my linux, it is a metamorphosis of 1.0.9, which comes with slackware v2,
and of 1.1.37, which I haven't finished hacking.

The only thing that I have found "different" about before is that in one
of the Docs, it is mentioned to "xhost", so I xhost the local linux (I
didn't use to do this, before).  Of course, the remote Sun can't be xhost'ed
because xhost requires to open the display.. so, it is catch-22.  Ah, I also
have tried "tredir 6009 6000" on the remote machine but the same thing
happens.. it hangs the link as soon as a remote X-client tries to hook-up.

Has anyone heard of this problem with txconn before?

Other things that you may want to know, I am installing the default term
on the Sun.  The one one gets when running "configure" and saying one
cannot install as root.  I do not fiddle with the TERMMODE [sp?],
SHAREMODE, etc. environment variables.. so perhaps that could be a factor.

On the local linux, I'm root, and I install as the default after
running "configure" and answering I can install things as root.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can lend me.
Help through e-mail is preferred (I don't have access to 100%
of the time).  I'll summarize the responses/solution in the newsgroup, if
there is any interest.

Thanks IA,

Jose' R. Cordones

PS: Looks like I may have to downgrade :-/

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