XFree Mach32 history and problems

XFree Mach32 history and problems

Post by The Dunad » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 11:30:33

XF86_Mach32 version 2.0:  This did not allow any clocks higher than 80
MHz, which was a pity.

XF86_Mach32 2.1:  The first release of this program had problems
detecting some Mach32 cards.  I was one of the victims.  X would seem
to start, and then die, saying "None of the configured devices was
detected" or some such.

Within a couple of days, the XFree team released a new version, in
which this problem was fixed.  The Mach32 server detected and used all
ATI Mach32 cards.

XF86_Mach32 2.1.1:  This version really screws up clocks, and every
time I want to get back into X, I have to do a cold boot.  Not happy.

I want to get XF86_Mach32 2.1, the fixed one, but I can not find it
anywhere.  I have looked in about 7 ftp sites, but all I can find is
the broken one.

If anyone has seen the fixed one, please let me know.  I need X!

Thanks much,


1. Mach32 (XFree 2.0) problem

  I just recieved an ATI Ultra XLR, with 2mb of memory.  I'm using the
XF86_Mach32 driver from XFree2.0.  The problem is that it refuses to use
more then 1024k of memory, so I can't go above 1024x768.  It won't
recognize the rest, and if I set 'videoram 2048', it dies saying that
the max for videoram is 1024.  The thing is that the XF86_SVGA driver
recognizes the 2048, without any problems, and lets me do higher
resolutions.  Has anyone come across this problem before (and know how to
fix it)?

Valiant Gough

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